How can my customers join my program?

There are several ways to join your program in the LoyalTree app.

Receipt Scan: Your existing customers can become loyalty members by scanning the QR code that is printed at the bottom of each receipt through the LoyalTree app scanner. Scanning the code will automatically join them to your program, and put your joining reward in their “Rewards” tab.

Discover Tab: If you’re in an area with other nearby LoyalTree businesses, you may also receive new members when LoyalTree users see your program in the “Discover” tab. The Discover tab shows all LoyalTree businesses within a specified search radius. A user simply taps the program tile, and then taps “Confirm and Join.” They are added to your program, and receive your joining reward as an incentive to make a visit.

Friend Referral: Your loyalty members receive additional bonus points for recruiting their friends to your program. Sharing is enabled by tapping the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app, choosing “Share and Earn” from the drop down menu, tapping a program tile, and then tapping either “Facebook,” “Twitter,” or “Phone-to-Phone.” They are then given a unique code that can be entered as a keyword by their friends; when entered, the unique code will automatically join the friend to your program.


If “Phone-to-Phone” is chosen, a unique QR code is generated which is scanned by the new members phone. Once scanned, the original member will receive bonus points for recruiting a friend, and the new member will be automatically joined to your program.

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