What kind of promotions can I run through LoyalTree?

Keywords: "Keywords are an easy way to give away points or discounts. Members enter them in the “Enter a Keyword" portion of the app, and rewards are automatically added to their program. Keywords make great social media content and are an easy way to keep your members engaged. This is also a great strategy for converting social media followers to loyalty members."

Campaigns: campaigns are a way to directly send discounts and promotions to your whole member base or a segmented group of your base. If you're looking to push new products, experiment with promotions or just drive repeat business, this is a good way to do that.

Fun Stuff: you can facilitate contests, scavenger hunt codes, and other fun, engaging activities through LoyalTree

we can give you sticker QR codes to put up around your location or in other places (i.e. to-go boxes) for people to scan for bonus points

you can run contests such as: the highest point earner for your program this month gets a $20 gift card or whoever has the largest bill scanned this month gets a free pizza.

You can award bonus points automatically for attendance, or offer a special keyword promotion for special events hosted at your location

Adjustment to Points Economy: through LoyalTree you can offer extra points (double points, for example or a flat number of bonus points) on slow nights or during slow hours, incentivizing business during those times. You are also able to offer "Frequency Rewards" in which a certain number of points are given for scanning x times within a defined time period (i.e. come in 2 times in a week, get 10 bonus points). This is a great way to incentivize more frequent business.

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