Why is my LoyalTree average check size lower than my overall average check size?

On average, our businesses see a 20-30% increase in the check size of their program members. If you are seeing that your LoyalTree members check size is lower, there are a couple of possible reasons this is happening:

You recently launched your program so your members are using their joining reward. This will initially cause your LoyalTree check size to dip below your overall average check size. After a few months, you should see the LoyalTree check size rise

You offer catering or host large events where the check size is much larger than your actual average check but don’t allow for LoyalTree scans on those huge checks. This will cause an imbalance in the data.

You need to make adjustments to your rewards strategy. It’s possible you could be giving away too much. As a baseline, we recommend giving away $1 in rewards for every $10 spent.

Example reward: $5 off at 50 points (or $50 spent)

Below is a screen shot of the Merchant Dashboard to show how to find the LoyalTree average check size (Overall average check size is smaller and in gray, LoyalTree check size is large and blue).



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