How do I increase my member engagement (scan rate)?

There are many practical ways to spread the word about your program and get your customers involved, but remember, your customers need to know this program is about thanking them for their loyalty and actively offering them ways to reap the benefits of being an integral part of your business. Below are a list of best practices to do so:

Get your staff on board: this includes training each staff member on your program and making sure every customer gets their receipt. Your staff is a marketing mouthpiece for your brand and your program, so make sure they know how your program works and what it offers your customers.

Use in-store marketing collateral - supplement your staff’s efforts by having marketing collateral about the program in-store. LoyalTree offers several different pieces of in-store collateral (including LoyalTree receipt paper) as well as digital assets so you can create and customize marketing collateral. (Click here for digital assets)

Promote your program across your digital channels - use social media, your website and any other digital channels to promote your program, joining reward and reward store offerings, special promotions and all other program news

Consistently reach out -  It’s a best practice to use LoyalTree to distribute relevant announcements and send out promotions to your customers. Integrating your program into all ways you currently communicate with your customers and leveraging LoyalTree's campaign and push notification capabilities to stay connected with your customers is the best way to increase their awareness of the program and therefore, increase engagement. ( Click here for more about LoyalTree & Social Media)

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