LoyalTree with Facebook and Twitter/Social Media

My Program --> LoyalTree with FB/TW: "LoyalTree is integrated with Facebook and Twitter to enable your customers to recruit their friends to your program via social media by sharing either a reward they purchased or sharing your program as a whole ( click here to learn more).

Your LoyalTree program is also a feast of relevant content for your social media channels. Below are all the LoyalTree related types of content you can post to engage your social media following:

Announce your program launch, program changes and updates

Publicize special deals (i.e. double point Wednesdays) and contests (i.e. top point earner wins a free entree this month)

Post LoyalTree keywords that offer bonus points or discounts to drive repeat revenue in and increase the awareness of your program. You can test the efficacy of an individual platform by promoting a keyword only on Facebook, or only on Twitter, and tracking the number of redemptions of that keyword through the LoyalTree dashboard.

Publicly recognize your top earners and most loyal members

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