Basic rules for your LoyalTree program

Customers must download the LoyalTree Rewards app to join your program. Scanning the QR code with a generic smart-phone QR scanner will not work.

LoyalTree is available for iOS and Android devices and can therefore be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Your program lives in the LoyalTree Rewards app and can be found in the “Discover” tab if a user has not yet joined your program. One simple tap will join them to your program from the Discover tab. Once a user joins the program, he/she can see it under “My Programs.” Members can also join the program by scanning a receipt QR code for the first time.

Any customer who joins your program receives a “joining reward.” The joining reward will expire within a defined period of time (customizable), and each user only ever receives 1.

Points are earned through scanning the QR codes at the bottom of receipts, so make sure to give every customer their receipt.

Receipt codes expire: To protect you from scanning fraud, all codes expire (the default being 1 hour). After a code expires, your customers will not be able to scan them for points. If you’d like to change the expiration time, please contact us.

Time between scans (hold time): To protect you from scanning fraud, members must wait 30 minutes in between scans. If you’d like to customize this time period, please contact us.

Rewards are purchased from the “Store” tab on your program page in the LoyalTree app. When a user purchases a reward, their points are deducted accordingly.

Rewards are redeemed by a user tapping "Redeem This Offer", which generates a 5-6 digit code and giving the code to your staff member. The staff members enters the code as a LoyalTree discount and the discount is automatically applied. The exact steps are different based on your POS system, so click here to find your POS system and see step-by-step instructions for reward redemptions. 

Once a reward has been redeemed, it will automatically disappear from a customer’s phone. Each reward has a unique 5 or 6 digit code so it can only be redeemed once.

How a reward is redeemed varied based on what Point of Sale system you are using. Click here to see full details on redeeming rewards.

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