How do I get more members/grow my program?

Growing your member base is an important step in having a healthy program. If your numbers aren't increasing at the rate you expected, you may consider the following possible solutions:

Make sure your employees are notifying every customer of your program. Your staff are your primary marketing tool for promoting your program, and they need to be confident in their ability to inform customers of the perks of joining/how to use the program.

While being informed of the program by your staff is step 1, step 2 is being reminded of the program by strategically placed marketing materials. Your Welcome Kit, sent after program deployment, contains LoyalTree branded receipt paper, table tents, counter clings, window stickers and check presenter inserts. Make full use of these materials, or cobrand your own with the LoyalTree standardized graphics assets package.

Reconsider your joining reward: don’t be afraid to offer a generous joining reward. Your customers can only use it once, and we’ve never had a business offer a joining reward so generous that they didn’t see a return on their investment. Offering something that your customers will be excited about is the best way to get organic referrals to your program. If you are currently offering a small percentage off (e.g. ½ off an appetizer, or 10% off check) or bonus points only reward, we highly recommend re-imagining your joining reward.

Leverage your other marketing channels! Do you have a blog? Great! Write a post about your new program. Do you have a website? Wonderful! Add the LoyalTree logo and some standard information about joining your program. Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms? Fantastic! Be sure to post regularly about the special offers your loyalty members are enjoying.

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