What kind of promotions can I run through LoyalTree?

Keywords: Keywords are an easy way to give away points or discounts. Members enter them in the “Enter a Keyword portion of the app. They're great social media content and an easy way to keep your members engaged. It also encourages people who don't use your program to join.

Campaigns - campaigns are a way to directly send discounts and promotions to your whole member base or a segmented group of your base. If you're looking to push new products, experiment with promotions or just drive repeat business, this is a good way to do that.

Fun Stuff - you can facilitate contests, scavenger hunt codes, and other such things through LoyalTree. A popular contest for rewarding your most loyal customer(s) is by announcing the for the month of x (e.g. July), giving the top point earner for the month some sort of reward (e.g. $25 off reward). 

We can give you a bunch of sticker QR codes to put up around your location or in other places (i.e. to-go boxes) for people to scan for bonus points.

You can run contests such as: the highest point earner for your program this month gets a $20 gift card or whoever has the largest bill scanned this month gets a free pizza.

For events you host at your location, you can have a keyword or automatically award bonus points for anyone who scans a receipt during the event.

Automatically reward certain activities: through LoyalTree you can make certain times of day or days of the week that award 2x or 3x points or flat bonuses (e.g. +10 points), incentivizing business during slower times. You can also reward people a certain number of points for scanning x times in a week or in a month. (i.e. come in 2 times in a week, get 10 bonus points) to bring people back in more often.

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