How do I join a program?

You can join a business by scanning your receipt after making a purchase or by downloading the LoyalTree Rewards app and following these instructions after completing your profile:

1) Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner, and choose "Discover" from the menu that displays.


2) You'll be taken to the "Discover" tab where you can see all the LoyalTree businesses within a defined radius of your current location (You can adjust the search radius under "Settings" then "Distance Settings" from the menu above.)


3) Tap the program tile of the business who's program you'd like to join. You'll see additional information about that business including what joining reward you'll receive upon joining. Tap "Confirm and Join."


4) You'll see that the joining reward has been automatically added to your LoyalTree account (You can find it under "My Rewards" from the menu featured in Step 1, or from the business's program under "Rewards"). Tap "Close" to be taken to the business's program in the app.

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