How do I get my staff on board with my program?

One of the most important determining factors in a program’s success is whether or not the business owner/manager who activated the LoyalTree program, has the buy in of the company’s employees. We recommend the following to be sure your staff are on board:

Staff Training- Be sure your staff know:

  1. Nuts and Bolts: How the LoyalTree app works (e.g. earning points, purchasing a reward, redeeming a reward). Click here to see our staff training video.

  2. Program Rules: Some rules are LoyalTree standard, and others are customizable. Either way, it’s important that staff are clear on how long customers have to collect points after a purchase, what to do if a reward expires before it gets used, etc.

  3. Marketing: Sell the program to your staff like you would sell it to a customer. This helps them know what to say about it! What does the customer get for signing up? What rewards can they purchase? How many points do they get per dollar spent?

  4. Support: Ensure that staff members know that if the customer has issues with their app they can email for help!

Sever Participation Contests

Use the LoyalTree Business Owner Dashboard tool to track each server’s individual and weighted scan rates (how many of the customers they serve who scan their receipts= server’s individual scan rate; the percentage of your overall LoyalTree engagement driven by a specific server= server’s weighted scan rate). At the end of the month the servers with the highest individual and/or weighted scan rates receive a gift card

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